The project

Le début de l'aventure

We imagined Le Val Gaudry as a big family house where we could meet to celebrate every event in our lives, or simply to get together with friends or family.

The project is the result of several intersecting stories.

We were supposed to get married in 2020. But after 2 years of preparation and waiting, Covid came along and even though the date was already set, we had to give it up. So we postponed it to a later date. In parallel to this wedding project which we would not abandon, we had fallen in love with this old farmhouse, lost at the end of a road, which was the perfect place to see our loved ones again and receive them after these long months of separation.

Second date. Second lockdown. Second cancellation. That was in November 2020.

This house had become our refuge and when we had to find a new date and venue (as we did not wish to wait much longer), it was obvious that we would celebrate our union within these walls.
So we adapted to the house as it was at that time. We imagined the ideal scenarios and spaces, but we made do with what it had to offer. This is how Le Val Gaudry was born: the desire to offer what we had not found elsewhere and to allow other couples to celebrate their union in this place that is dear to us.
It is thus on July 24th 2021 that we inaugurated Le Val Gaudry to celebrate our wedding, and from 2023, we will be hosting your events.

Juliette & Sébastien

Du cœur à l'ouvrage

Après quasiment 9 mois d’études, les travaux de rénovation de l’ensemble de la maison ainsi que la création des futurs aménagements du parc ont commencé au printemps 2022, pour une ouverture prévue un an après. Nous commencerons la pose des revêtements dès le mois de janvier 2023 pour la partie intérieure, tandis que les extérieurs sont progressivement transformés au fil des mois.

Découvrez la transformation des lieux